The Best Places to Take Your Jetski In WA | Friday’s
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Excited to get your jetski back out on the water, but ready for a change of scenery? We get that! It’s always important to mix things up and we’ve got some of our favourite jetski spots in the greater Perth area listed here. It’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life thanks to the multitude of great boating areas around here, complete with islands, coves, and beaches to explore. It doesn’t matter if you just want to make a day trip or take a whole weekend – get ready for a new adventure!


1. Rottnest Island

We obviously need to include this beautiful gem. Although it’s fame mainly comes from the native quokka, you’ll find a complex sanctuary to explore with over 100 bays. You’re bound to find the perfect place to soak up some peace and quiet with that type of variety! If you get lucky with the timing, you might even spot some humpbacks. These gentle giants complete their annual migration along the coast of WA and are pretty easy to spot when they’re nearby, thanks to a 5-meter tall blow!


If you need a suggestion for an idyllic spot to chill for a while, take your jetski to one of our favourites, Geordie Bay. If you want to hop in the water and do some snorkelling, head to the Basin, Parakeet Bay, Little Salmon Bay, or Little Armstrong Bay – you’ll be spoilt with a dazzling array of marine life. If you’re into diving, you’ll find some pristine dive spots as well.


Enjoy the stunning beaches, dazzling lagoons, and charming atmosphere of this island by jetski – it can’t be beat! There’s even accommodation on island if you want to stay the night.


2. Garden Island

Garden Island is an epic spot to take your jetski if you’re looking for some great, easy-to-access snorkel spots and a plethora of bays to explore. Fun fact, this is one of the only Naval waters in Australia that allows for public mooring. If you feel like hopping ashore, you’ll find sand dunes to wander amongst and some great spots to have a BBQ. It’s the perfect place to head over to on your jetski!


3. Penguin Island

Right next door to Garden Island, this is a must-visit if you’ve got a jetski in the Perth area. Just 45 minutes south of Perth, it’s easy to access and is part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. As the name would suggest, it’s also home to nearly 1,200 fairy (or little blue) penguins. You might get lucky and see some Australian sea lions or dolphins as well. Remember, always boat responsibly around wildlife and follow all speed regulations.


Penguin Island is also popular for snorkelling, kite-boarding, cove exploring, and wildlife watching. The water is nearly almost crystal clear, the beaches are white and sublime, and if you’re hungry, there’s even a cafe onshore called Pengo’s. Or, pack a picnic in your jetski! The island has a wonderful network of boardwalks, making it a fun place to explore onshore. You can and should make a day of it.


4. Swan River

Want to do some more urban exploring? Why not take your jetski up and down the Swan River? The recent developments along Elizabeth Quay have made it a bustling hub of pubs, restaurants, and shops – definitely a fun place to do some people watching. Zip up towards the Optus Stadium to check out some more sights, head towards the Swan Valley for some wine-tasting, or if you’re ready to get your adrenaline pumping, head over towards the Fremantle boat park and check out Blackwall Reach. You’ll find 500m stretches of cliffs that extend 11m into the air (and 25m below), the perfect place for the daring cliff jumper to get their heart racing.


5. Shoalwater Islands

The Shoalwater Islands are a part of a stunning marine park, making this an ideal place to visit if you’re ready to enjoy some pristine scenery and wildlife watching. Penguin Island is right next door, and you’ll find a variety of cavernous reefs around the island that are perfect for snorkelling and diving. If you’d like to look for some seals, head over to the aptly named Seal Island and look for some sunbaking sea lions.


6. Carnac Island

Looking for more unspoiled pieces of nature? Carnac is a safe bet. You’ll only get out here if you have your own private vessel or are part of a wildlife tour, so it’s an ideal place for jetski owners to explore. You might get lucky and have the entire island to yourself! Like many of the other islands in the area, you have a chance to see sea lions, dolphins, and a variety of marine birds. Be aware that there are tiger snakes onshore, so a lot of visitors choose to enjoy the scenery from their jetski or boat. Don’t forget your snorkel gear, you’ll want it when it’s time to cool off!


7. Rockingham

Rockingham, considered Perth’s marine playground, has over 40km of beautiful water, making it a jetskier’s paradise. You can reach the Shoalwater Islands from here quite easily, or stay closer to shore and enjoy some world-class snorkelling and diving. If you decide to head to shore, you’ll find some excellent dining options. You can even book in for some adventure sports like skydiving or swimming with wild dolphins – whatever makes you happy, you can do in Rockingham!


8. Mandurah

Mandurah is a coastal city a bit south of Perth. Halls Head Beach has a resident dolphin population, so keep your eyes peeled if you decide to explore these waters by jetski. Like Rockingham, you’ll find an abundance of shops and eateries along the marina if you’d like to hop onshore and do some exploring. If you’re around during the Christmas season, we highly recommend visiting the canals of Mandurah with your jetski. They’ll be decked out in Christmas lights, and you won’t be able to fight off those festive feels.


9. Moore River

Head north of Perth and you’ll find the last remaining undeveloped river estuary of the Swan Coastal Plain. Enjoy the pristine beaches, bring your poles and do some fishing, or try your hand at body surfing.


10. Fremantle

One of the most beloved areas of greater Perth, especially amongst the boating community, Fremantle is a paradise for anyone who loves being on or near the water. You’ll have easy access to all of the beautiful islands just offshore, including Rottnest, and it’s the perfect place for the whole family to hang out.

Jetskiing around Perth is an absolute dream – we’re spoilt for choice here. Whether you want to get out and enjoy some great snorkelling, check out some wildlife, or just zip in and out of remote and sheltered lagoons, you’ll find something just your pace around here. Friday’s Jetski is one of Perth’s most trusted dealers, and we’re here to help you realize your jetskiing dreams! Give us a call or a visit with any questions you may have.