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Are you looking for some new trails to hit with your Can-Am in the Perth area? Ready to tackle something more challenging and thrilling, or seeking something a little more mild and suitable for a beginner? Whether you’re looking for a track that’s a bit closer to home or you’re ready to pack up some gear and head out on a longer adventure, we’ve got a nice comprehensive list of some of the best places to take your Can-Am in Perth.

1. White Hills Beach
Distance from Perth: 100 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand
Time Investment: Day Trip

This is a perfect beach spot for those living in the southern suburbs (if you’re from the northern side of the city, it’ll be a bit longer of a drive, but still a great option). This is one of the closest beaches outside of Perth that offer vehicle access. There is plenty of soft sand and it’s a great spot to practice your speed control. Once you do find your perfect speed, you won’t notice the bumps on the beach as much. Just make sure to let your tyres down to about 15 psi so you don’t do any damage to the track or get bogged. Penalties do apply if you fail to follow these guidelines!

This is a great spot to go if you like fishing or snorkelling, and it’s quite popular amongst the 4WD community. You are allowed to beach camp here, but you must avoid the dunes. If you want to continue the adventure, you can drive about 22 km south to Preston Beach. It’s best to do this drive when it’s a low tide; otherwise, you might find some difficulty moving through the softer sand. You can also head 2 km to the north to check out Seal Rock, which is a beautiful limestone reef outcrop.

2. Tim’s Thicket
Distance from Perth: 100 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand
Length/Skill Level: 10-30 km track, moderate
Time Investment: Day Trip

This is another great beach for those who like fishing or snorkelling, so if you want to try something different from White Hills, head here. It’s just a few km to the north, and occasionally at low tide, you can access it from the beach. Just be careful – if you don’t plan it right, you’ll soak your Can-Am with salt water, which is never a good idea!

You’ll need to make sure you let your tyres down here to protect the beach tracks, or face the fines. Doing this also makes driving easier, so it really is a win-win situation for you and for future Can-Am drivers in the area. Try your hand at sand-driving – it’s surprisingly fun!

3. Wilbinga
Distance from Perth: 75 km/45 min drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand
Time Investment: Day Trip

This is a popular place for motorbikes, and it’s easy to see why.! You’ll find it’s quite busy on the weekends and school holidays. There are a variety of trails snaking their way through bush, beach, and sand dunes, so variety reigns king here. You can also camp on the beach (outside of the dunes) and fish your heart out, so don’t forget the poles if you’d like to dine on some fresh seafood after your ride.

4. Lancelin
Distance from Perth: 130 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand/Dunes
Area: 220 hectares
Time Investment: Day Trip

If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure and some real dune-driving, head to Lancelin. There are more than 200 hectares of dunes for you to explore. Lancelin itself is a small fishing village with some of the closest sand dunes to Perth, meaning you’ll see a variety of Can-Ams and 4WD’s here. Don’t let that deter you! There’s plenty of space for everyone. And there are a lot of accommodation options available nearby if you’d like to make a longer trip of it.

The dunes can be quite steep, though, so it’s a good idea to tackle them only if you’re confident with your ability to handle your Can-Am. It’s quite easy to roll here if you approach the dunes from the wrong angle. Ride smart. Study the dunes. Approach carefully. Have fun!

5. Wedge Island
Distance from Perth: 135 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand/Dunes
Time Investment: Day Trip

Just a few kilometres north of Lancelin, you’ll find Wedge Island. You can drive here through an inland track (which is occasionally closed, as it’s in an army reserve) or along the beach. If you decide to drive along the beach, make sure to check what the tide is doing. Low tide is obviously best! The sand tends to be harder and wider, which is a more comfortable ride than much softer sand. If you’re doubting which route you’d like to take, take the inland road just to safe. The island is a fun place to spend the day, so leave some time for exploring.

6. Preston Beach
Distance from Perth: 100 km/1.3 hour drive
Terrain: Beach/Sand
Time Investment: Day Trip

Similar to White Hills, Preston Beach is a great spot to head for some quality beach driving and some snorkelling and fishing time. You’ll have access to a petrol station/general store, along with a beach that you can drive along for ages. You can drive here from White Hills – it’s about 22 km.

7. Moore River
Distance from Perth: 31 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: River Crossings/Sand
Length: N/A
Time Investment: 3-4 hours

Looking for a greater variety of experience and terrain? Moore River is a great place to get in some river crossings, dune riding, and beach driving. The river itself is relatively shallow for most of its length, so you can quite literally drive right down the middle. However, the firm river bed can switch to soft sand without any advance notice – you need to be careful! It’s best to scout ahead and stay out of driving straight down the river if you’re a newbie. The river crossings are just as fun!

8. Waroona Dam
Distance from Perth: 120 km/45 min drive
Terrain: Mud/Ascents/Descents
Length: 10-30 km loop tracks
Time Investment: 3-4 hours

Does the idea of muddy riding excite you? Waroona Dam is the place to take your Can-Am! With heaps of steep ascents and descents, you’ll have your adrenaline pumping for the whole ride. This is a perfect place for a day ride, or turn it into a longer trip by camping in the area. Swimming, boating, and fishing are other popular activities, so there’s something for the entire family if you want to bring them along.

If you’re a beginner Can-Am driver, there are plenty of tracks that ease you into the terrain. As you gain confidence, you’ll be able to head out on the steeper tracks. Meaning, there is something for every skillset. Watch the weather, as the tracks will obviously be a bit drier when there’s little rain.

The far east side of the dam has the easier tracks, with only a few tricky spots to manoeuvre. The tracks on the western side require lockers on your vehicle and are a bit more challenging. If you’re a first-timer, make sure you ask a friend or take someone with you who’s been to the area and can offer some advice.

9. Avon Valley
Distance from Perth: 80 km/1.5 hour drive
Terrain: Roads
Time Investment: Day Trip

If you’re looking for something a little more scenic, head to Avon Valley National Park. You’ll find some of the easiest Can-Am tracks in the Perth area here, coupled with stunning scenery. If you visit in the wet months, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Avon River with its rushing rapids and peaceful pools. Keep in mind that Sappers Road closes over the winter months and blocks vehicle access to the river. Cobblers Pool will provide you with the nearest river access.

Keep your eyes peeled for native birds and wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, and bandicoots – you never know what you’ll see!

Hopefully, this list has sparked some new ideas about where you can take your Can-Am. It’s always good to get out and go on new adventures! Always remember to plan and ride to your skill level, and don’t push your boundaries. Stay safe, pack out what you take in, and camp responsibly. Follow all guidelines so you can keep the trails in good contention to ensure everyone can continue to access them. Be respectful to fellow riders, make new friends, and explore new areas.

And if you’re looking for friendly service and quality parts, don’t forget to head to Friday’s Jetskis and Can-Am, one of Perth’s favourite Can-Am dealers. We want to help you get out and explore the beauty of the area around Perth, and we’re here to answer any and all questions you might have.