Seadoo Spark TRIXX

The Sea Doo Spark Trixx is the perfect recreational light jet ski, with the ability to jump into a perfect tail stand from stationary that will have all those on the beach watching in awe. The Seadoo Spark Trixx comes with updated features that allow you to pull ripper tricks and be the boss of the water. The Trixx package is one of the most compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable jet skis available on the Australian market. The feature available on the Seadoo Spark Trixx are simply not available on other models of watercraft.

If you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to master tricks and the waves, you’ve found it right here with the Spark Trixx.

Features of the Trixx

The engine of this little bad boy is powered by the ROTAX 900 HO ACE. It is ultra lightweight and allows for optimal pace when on the move. The additional handle bar with adjustable riser allows for the rider to have greater leverage as well as step wedges for secure footing. The VTS for the engine’s spark will allow the ability to bow up and bury the nose with ease.

Why choose Friday Jetskis?

The team at Friday Jet Skis are dedicated skiers ourselves. We know what makes a good craft, and we are happy to help you get one. We are discerning in what we choose to supply to the Australian skiers: no cheap knockoffs here, only high-quality watercraft.

Pace, precision and skill is important to the team here at Friday Jet Skis, and we wouldn’t settle for anything less. With our detailed product knowledge and dedication to helping our customers find the perfect craft for them, you know that if you’re purchasing a ski from Friday – it’s a damn good one.

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