Seadoo Jet Skis for Sale

Seadoo RXP GTX & Spark Jet Skis

Fridays only stocks the safest and most dynamic jet skis on the market. Every Seadoo jet ski for sale at our facility is guaranteed, quite simply because Seadoo, the #1 selling PWC on the market, is known to design and manufacture the most advanced personal water crafts ever ridden. Not only will you find that Seadoo crafts are created with advanced safety features, but on top of that, they are among the quietest and cleanest jet skis on the water. There’s a Seadoo jet ski for every kind of rider.

The entire Seadoo range goes beyond the straightforward recreational aspect, although that certainly has its perks. If you’re looking for jet skis for towing, performance or even something small to teach your kids on, like the Seadoo Spark, we have it all. View our full range, which includes:

Seadoo RXP

The ultimate in jet ski power. The Seadoo RXP certainly packs a powerful punch. Designed for manoeuvrability and precision, this beast is the perfect water machine. A two-seater that weighs in at 183kg, the RXP has a host of safety features to keep you safe as you smoothly slice through the water. A definite consideration for the water adventurer who enjoys a sporting challenge.

Seadoo GTX

A dynamic piece of machinery, built for luxury and recreation. The GTX jet ski is a stylish machine. Designed as a three-seater and weighing just over 270kg, it delivers a smooth ride as it cuts through the waves. The only thing you’ll feel while riding the GTX is the spray on your face and the wind in your hair. No bumpy rides for the family here.


Our jet ski trailers are the perfect accessories to compliment your stylish new single or twin jet ski purchase. Designed to look good and manufactured in Australia to work well, all our jet ski trailers are galvanized. Look good with your trailer pulling your good-looking jet ski. We offer every kind of trailer, ensuring you have space and capacity to carry one or more jet skis safely. All our trailers are fitted with rated chain, and submersible lighting, with radial tires. All our products look good, are durable and productive.

If you’re new to the world of jet skiing, then you’ve probably taken one for a ride and enjoyed it. Open the door to a whole other world of water thrills with Fridays.

Take a ride on any one of Fridays jet skis and decide which one you’re taking home. Contact us today. Our highly qualified team of jet ski enthusiasts is on hand to assist you with Seadoo prices, specifications and any questions you may have.