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Lightweight and Fun

The spark is a little package full of a whole lot of fun! Its nice and light, making it easy to tow and maneuver, but also fuel efficient, meaning you get to spend less time at the pump and the jetty, and more time on the water. Float like a butterfly, sting like a jellyfish!

Despite being a compact watercraft, the Spark still brings a whole range of features to the table that will let you have fun without compromise. You will absolutely love riding it all day, every day. You’ll never want to come back in.

How it feels to ride

The Spark jet ski offers a smooth and comfy ride in multiple modes so you can adapt to the changing water conditions. It’s light, with weight start at just 184KG dry, so it is quick and agile without being rough. That also means it has amazing fuel efficiency, using just 7.4 litres per hour on the water. It truly is the best of all worlds.

Bring a Friend (or two)

The Sea-Doo Spark also has 2 and 3 person models, so you don’t have to choose who your favourite child is! Or you can bring your friends along for the fun, without leaving the third wheel on the shore. No compromise, no problem!

iBR, OTAS, and iTC

Along with the fun comes a range of stellar safety and tech features you’ll love. With Intelligent braking (iBR), off throttle assisted stearing (OTAS), and intelligent throttle control (iTC), the Spark can quickly respond to your command and keep you and your friends and family safe. You can have awesome control while still having awesome fun!

Closed Loop Cooling

Closed loop cooling means the cooling system excludes salt water, which protects the crucial internals of your jet ski from corrosion. So you can feel confident that you’ll get the most out of your Spark Jet Ski for years to come.

LinQ System

The 3-up Spark also allows you to take advantage of the LinQ system, an amazingly handy cargo system that allows you to bring some of your own fun with you on the ride! LinQ allows you to take food and drink with you, and keep it cool, meaning you can ride out into the sunset and take the party with you!

Polytec Material

Sea-Doo uses its own specialized, lightweight, high-strength material to form the hull of the Spark. This gives you that awesome power to weight ration without losing any strength in the hull, and with a greater scratch resistance than standard fiberglass

Featherweight fun!

The Spark also has as optional, a premium quality waterproof 50-watt Bluetooth speaker, so you can bring the party out into the water with you. And if you are worried about the phone that’s pumping out those tunes, you can also add a front storage bin to protect it from a quick dip in the ocean!


The Sea-Doo spark packs a punch with features, but not with price. Starting at only $7,699.00, you can afford to have a great brand-new jet ski that is full of features and fun.

Find Out More

Check out our website to learn more about the awesome Sea-Doo Spark jet ski, and all the other Sea-Doo jet skis we have in stock for you. We have a huge range of models and configurations right here in Perth, and we’re always happy to show you the kind of fun you can have with a great jet ski. Feel free to get in touch on the phone, or come in and visit us to see the Spark in person!

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