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Can-Am ATV sales

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Can-Am ATV Outlander, DS & Renegade quad bikes

At Fridays we only offer industry-leading ATV bikes and vehicles to our clients. If you’re looking for the leaders in quad bike engineering and precision, then a Can-Am ATV quad bike is the way to go. Can-Am quad bikes are the perfect combination of style and power that stems from the high quality components used in their meticulously designed engines.

Fully loaded with everything from safety features to V-twin engines, Can-Am products from the Renegade to the Outlander (and everything in between) provide agility and powerful functionality to give you the best all-terrain experience. Take any one of these dynamic machines into the outback and across rough terrain and see why you’ll keep coming back for more.

Cam-Am Recreation Vehicles

The Can-Am range caters for all kinds of riders who enjoy various types of outdoor riding fun. Fridays has UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicles) such as the Can-Am Outlander 800 and Can-Am Outlander 1000 for sale, at our fully stocked shop. Both these vehicles are ideally suited to bouncing over rocks and racing across sand dunes.

The Outlanders are equipped with Rotax V-twin engines that offer a smooth trail ride, TTI rear suspension for comfort when bouncing over those boulders, 230W headlights that are ideal for a night ride and back-end storage for your Can Am safety clothes and gear. Comfortable seating, superior suspension and safety features which Can Am is known for.

If you’re looking for a slightly less powerful ride, then we have the Can-Am 650 Outlander and the Can-Am 400 Outlander for sale. Both of these also feature comfortable front-end suspension and power steering but are ideally suited for recreational racing, but not for the serious racer. It’s the perfect outdoor toy for those new to the world of quad biking.

If you’re past the practice stage and are ready to take on the outdoors, then we have the Can-Am Renegade for sale. This sporty 4×4 is a high-performance quad bike that looks like its ready for some serious action. Featuring a digitally encoded security system, a variable transmission for those hard-to-climb places and independent rear suspension, this quad bike shows the outdoors no mercy.

Our range of recreational vehicles are available with automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes. They come with low-impact tyres to make the ride smoother, and a front-end 3000-lb or 4000-lb winch with wired remote control – dependant on model. These may be too big for the kids, but Can-Am has not forgotten the young adventurers out there.

Sport and Youth Can-Ams

The Can-Am DS 450 is the ideal quad bike for introducing your son or daughter to the sport. Designed with an aluminium frame and equipped with a 449cc liquid-cooled engine, this 45-HP machine will give your kid the enjoyment and fun of biking outdoors. It’s a great vehicle for young ones who want to get into quad biking as a sport.

Going one down on power, we also have the Can-Am DS 250 for sale. This is great for children 14 years and older to learn to ride on their own. With front and rear hydraulic brakes, a throttle governor, and a fully automatic transmission, the DS 250 may be small, but it offers a thrilling ride for the adventure-crazy youth.

The Can-Am DS 90 allows kids to practice their off-road competence. Parents can rest easy with this miniature quad bike. A safe ride with front and rear brake discs, 43” double-A piggyback shocks and a throttle limiter to keep those overzealous young quad-bikers from going faster than they can manage.

At Fridays, we understand that no two riders are the same, which is why we stock only the best safety gear, safety clothing, quad bikes, UTVs and water crafts. Our fully qualified crew are highly experienced riders, mechanics and racers with the knowledge to equip you to make the right choice when you buy a quad bike from us.

All Can-Am quad bikes and water craft are designed for specific rider requirements, which is why it is the most highly respected name in water sports and all-terrain vehicle design.

Quad biking is quite literally the most amazing form of outdoor fun. Get on board and take on the thrill of a lifetime with Fridays many quad bikes and personal water crafts. Contact us today for further information.