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Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Can-AM ATV or Buggy

Chances are you’ve spent a pretty penny on your Can-AM ATV or Buggy, and you want to keep it around for as long as possible. Just like with any other significant investment you make in your life, it pays to follow a maintenance routine to ensure you’re keeping your Can-AM tuned up and ready to rumble.

Check The Oil

While we have plenty of expert opinions on all things jet ski maintenance, you should still consult your Sea-Doo’s manual. That way, you won’t miss any modelspecific tasks that need to be addressed.


Check the Air Filter

Check The Belt

A quick look at your Can-AM ATV or Buggy manual will give you an idea of how frequently you should be checking the transmission belt. Normal wear and tear can cause your
transmission belts to stretch out and your ATV’s performance will decline.


Check The Fuel And The Coolant

Keeping your engine cool is essential for its performance, and that’s where your coolant comes in. Make sure to check your coolant levels regularly


Check The Tire Pressure and Wheel Nuts

Maintain The Brake Pads And Fluids

The importance of your Can-AM ATV or Buggy’s brake system cannot be overstated for the safety of the rider and the upkeep of the machine itself. Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that operates at a very high pressure and allows your ATV to stop when you squeeze the brake lever.


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