Now Is The Time To Grab A Quad Bike

Winter is coming….

But it’s going to be a lot more fun in Perth when it’s on a quad bike or in an ATV! Here at Friday’s we have just the toys you need to make that a reality for you.

Can-Am is a world leader in making awesome quads and ATVs, they are multi award-winning products from a multi award-winning company. So we are always stoked to show people the huge range we have available to the people of Perth. They are just the best bikes on the market, and we have a whole lot of them for sale.

The Outlander

Starting at just over $10k and in a massive array of configurations, the Outlander is the headliner of the Can-Am ATV range. Even the base model gives you 38hp from a 427cc engine over 300kg of weight, so you get a massive power to weight ration straight out of the gate. And to manage that power, you get Double-A arm suspension at the front and Torsional Trailing-Arm Independent at the rear, plus the huge treads of the Carlisle Trail Wolf Tyres, so you have supreme control over the beast inside, keeping you on (or off) your path as you wish. You also have the benefit of front and rear ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic piston calipers, and in duplicate on the front wheels, so you can stop as fast as the landscape changes.

And beyond the base model, you can increase your power, your comfort and your reach through the range of Outlander models we have available. If you’re not sure what you want, but you want to get out there, come and have a chat to us about the quad bikes for sale in our range. We want to get you on an ATV and getting dirty!

The Maverick

Want to take someone with you? No problem, the Maverick has got you covered. From $20k you can ride out with company, and still have a ton of fun in this agile and confident monster. The Maverick has a 875cc Rotax engine cranking out 75hp across 603kg, so you can still blast across the trails as fast and hard as you want. But for that extra cash you get a host of other features like intelligent throttle control, electronically controlled fuel injection, dynamic power steering, hill descent control, and a range of other driving modes to give you the best control of your driving experience. Plus the Maverick offers you the greater safety of a roll cage and doors, so you can keep your family safe in the wild. We have a great range of Maverick Models too, so you can add performance, safety and even two more people into the mix.

Commander, Defender, and more!

The Outlander and the Maverick are just two of the family. There are brothers, sister and cousins, so we can find you the perfect match. It’s a bit colder, but that means you don’t have to feel bad walking away from the beach and into the mud. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go on your ATV or quad bike, however many features you want and however much power you think is necessary, we have got the vehicle for you to have fun without so much sun!

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Think winter means you need to stay in doors? Only if the doors are on a Maverick ATV! Read about Friday’s winter fun here!

Sea-Doo Fish Pro – Purpose-Built for Fishing

The Fish Pro is ambitious angler’s dream. It gets you off the pier, out of the boat, and into the places that you want to go in pursuit of your perfect catch. It has been specially designed for anglers to get the most out of the water. Let’s have a look at the specialised features of the Fish Pro.

Seadoo FishPro Built for Fishing


The most important thing the Fish Pro jet ski offers is the ability to take your fishing to the fish in speed and comfort. You no longer have to commit to a location for hours on end; you can change your mind and be at your next desire location in moments, and you can have fun while you get there!


The Fish Pro is a jet ski that has been specifically designed to suit the needs of fishing. That’s why the standard features include:

  • Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv Fish Finder – so you have the best technological advantage at your fingertips.
  • Rotax 1503 Naturally Aspirated Engine with 155 Horse Power – so you have all the power you need at your fingertips
  • 5 US gal / 70 L Fuel Tank Capacity – so you can get as far into angling territory as you want, without worrying about getting back.
  • Trolling Mode (Slow Mode) Rugged LinQ™ – allowing you to move without disturbing your environment.
  • Fishing Cooler (13.5 US gal / 51 L) – store your prize catches with ease.
  • 4 Fishing Rod Holders – multiply your chances, or take a friend with you for the fun.
  • Fishing Seat – specially designed for comfort while riding, and angling.
  • Angled Gunwale Footrests – travel and fish in comfort and safety.
  • Extended Rear Platform with 2nd LinQ™ Attachment System  – move around the Fish Pro and manage your lines without slipping or falling.
  • Storage Bin Organizer – so your tackle box is ready to go when you are.

The Fish Pro offers all these features as standard; you don’t have to pay more to get all the features you actually want for an angling expedition. You can just get on the water and get fishing!

Safety and Comfort

The Fish Pro also includes as standard:

  • Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR), giving you peace of mind about your safety while you’re having the time of your life. Closed Loop Cooling System
  • Intelligent Throttle Control – iTC  – Which helps you control the throttle and protect the engine, so you can enjoy the Fish Pro for years to come.
  • D-Sea-Bel System – an exhaust noise control system, so you don’t scare the fish away just as you pull up
  • E.S.S Key – Digitally Encoded Security System, so you know your Fish Pro jet ski is secure in your absence.

And Much More!

The Fish Pro has been designed to give the Angler the best vehicle for the job, so it is packed with features that are just too many to mention! Come in and visit us today so we can show you just what the Fish Pro can do to jump your fishing experience into a whole new world of possibilities.


  • Is the Fish Pro stable?

Absolutely, the Fish Pro has been specifically designed with Sea Doo’s most stable hull, so you can feel safe and stable at all times while fishing.

  • Does the FISH PRO have Eco and Sport modes?

The FISH PRO does have both Eco and Sport modes. While it has been designed for angling, it does have excellent versatility, so you can use it in many other settings as well.

  • Do I need to hold the throttle when in trolling mode?

No. Just press the cruise control button when in forward. Once Trolling is activated, the speed can be adjusted with the up and down arrows. The speeds can be varied from approximately 2 to 20km/h

  • Can I use it for fun?

You bet. Many of the fishing features can be removed or adapted at the drop of a hat so you can convert a specialty fishing jet ski into a ride for family fun! Come in and visit us so we can show you just how flexible the Fish Pro is!

  • Is the FISH PRO longer than other models?

Yes it is. The extended rear platform for fishing means it is a larger vehicle than most.

  • How much does it cost?

The Fish Pro can be yours from $20,599.

How To Get Fishing On The Fish Pro

At Friday’s we want to help you catch the big one. So we offer great financing options so you can get out on the water yesterday!

We’re open six days a week, so you can come and see the Fish Pro in person whenever you like, and we can show you everything that makes this personal watercraft the best piece of hardware in your pursuit of the best catch.

Keep an eye on our website and like our facebook page to keep up with our demo days where we can show you for real what the fish pro has to offer!

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Calling all Anglers! Sea Doo has your newest and best fishing friend. Come check out the Fish Pro on our blog!

Friday’s Monthly Jet Ski Ride Outs & Demo Days

Ride Outs

We like to think we’re not just a jet ski dealership. We are jet ski fanatics who run a dealership, and we love connecting with other people who are on board. Jet skis are an absolute blast, whether you’re on your own or with other people. But enjoying the fun of a jet ski in the company of other jet ski fans can really turn exhilaration into a bonding experience. We love hanging out with fellow jet ski folks, so we run regular Ride outs in the summer, where any jet skier, whether or not they have bought from us, can come enjoy the fun together.

The benefit of a ride out is also not just social. You might also learn more about your jet ski and how to use it. You can learn from other people’s mistakes before you make them, and you can get the benefit of our years of experience with safety on the water with your jet ski.

In the summer we run ride outs once a month. We meet in the morning and head out for a ride together, and just have a great time tearing up the water. Feel free to join us!

Demo Days

We know the jet skis give you access to some of the best fun you can have on the water. It’s hard to even explain to people how it feels to be out on the water, just you, the wind and the whine of the engine. It’s exhilarating in a way that you can only understand by experiencing it.

And even if you have experienced it, you might not have experienced it in a while, or maybe you want to try a jet ski you’ve never tried before, or ride with someone more experienced so you can really get the full picture of what a jet ski can do in the right hands.

That’s why Friday’s Jet Skis runs demo days. We love to show our customers what we have to offer, what they can get for their money, and how to really get the most out of a great jet ski. We know it can be daunting to dip your toe into jet ski waters, not to mention it can be a lot of cash! So we really want to give you the chance to try before you buy. We know you will fall in love with it the minute you open that throttle!

Join Us!

Sound good? We think so! If you are interested in coming along for either a ride out or a demo day, keep an eye on our website, and like our facebook page. We post regular updates and call outs on future events, and we’d be thrilled to see you at our next ride!

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Let’s get ready to ride out! We want you to come out on the water with us, read about it here!

How to Maintain Your Jet Ski

Purchasing a jet ski is no small investment, and you may end up blowing out your planned budget in the long run if you don’t have the right mindset on preventative care. Maintaining your jet ski is a responsibility that’s ongoing, and you will have to regularly check certain parts of it if you want to avoid paying a hefty jet ski service. Take a look at five important tips on how to maintain your jet ski to keep it running at its best.

Read Owner’s Manual

For people who own a jet ski for the first time, it is very important to read the manual as often and as thoroughly as you can. This is because modern manuals provide details on each part of your PWC, which will let you understand how all of its components work. It is best to avoid any DIY repairs on your investment if you’re unsure how to do it as this can give you more headaches than good.

Flush Engine

Whether you will be riding on salt or fresh water, it is important to flush the engine of your jet ski after each ride. The reason for this is because it will help get rid of any sand, salt, weeds, shells and algae which can cause problems to the jet unit and engine.

The modern jet skis you can buy today have their own hose connector installed which is used for interior cleaning. All you have to do is to attach this hose to the connector before you start the engine. Once the engine is running, turn on the hose and keep it that way for at least two minutes. Let your PWC run for a few more seconds after you have turned off the hose and pull on the throttle a few times to drain it of excess water from the exhaust. This is an ideal jet ski service you can do for your craft. This should be carried out after every ride as this is good maintenance and will make your watercraft last longer.

Wash It Down After a Ride

Although the jet skis that we have today are modern enough to last a long time, saltwater can still damage your ski and fibreglass which can lead to issues later on. That is why it is important to wash down your ride after using it on saltwater. You can do this by applying warm soapy water together with a sponge and try to remove any salt residue on the PWC. Rinse the soap off with low water pressure from a hose to finish. If you do find yourself with a damaged hull or fiberglass Friday’s can restore your ski. Using a corrosion control product is the best way to prevent damage and effects of salt water on your engine, trailer, vehicle, rods & reels.

Check for Damage and Regular Inspections

Jet skis are sturdy are capable of absorbing small damages here and there, but mechanical wear will still show over time similar to how cars work. Fissures or cracks in the fibreglass will have to be looked at by an expert as soon as you can as any damage to the hull can cause significant damage to interior components. Call Friday’s for professional fiberglass repairs.

Regular Jet Ski Services

The checking of problems and replacement of any parts should only be done by technicians who are qualified to do the job. The reason for this is because they have the expertise to perform installations, maintenance and replacements when needed. Friday’s technicians are all Sea-Doo trained and qualified repairers, ensuring only the highest quality of workmanship on your ski.

Ask us about our Jet Ski service deals on Friday’s to learn more!


Seadoo Accessories for Sale in Perth

Besides bringing with you your jet ski and keys, there’s no other thing essential that you need except some things that can make riding more fun. People who love jet skiing are always looking for ways to have the best equipment possible to give them a satisfying PWC experience. Take a look at these Seadoo for sale jet ski equipment that any rider should have.

1. Life Jackets

Besides being required by law to have, life jackets are also important because they actually save lives. Having a life jacket worn when you’re out jet skiing can help keep you afloat in case you fall off your watercraft or get hurt. It is important that you have the right size of a life jacket at the ready because the wrong one can be dangerous. If you have guests coming over, make sure you have a variety of sizes available to keep each and every one of them safe when jet skiing.

2. Sea-Doo Covers

For riders who won’t be using their jet ski even just for a few days should have their equipment covered while in storage. Using a cover will keep water, sunlight and bird poop from harming your beloved craft. Jet skis that are faded are also not nice to resell, and faded fibreglass is easier to damage as well.

3. Safety Accessories

Every rider should have at least the minimum requirements on board their jet skis to make sure that they have the first line of defence in case things go wrong on the water. The safety accessories from Friday’s Jetskis provide EPIRB personal locator beacons, flares and fire extinguishers found in an all-in-one safety kit for easy transport and storage. Pliers, rope and a whistle should also be kept on board in case of emergencies. These items can be kept in a Dry Bag to be kept safe

4. Sea-Doo Dry Bags

If you’re going to bring a waterproof item on your jet ski, then the dry bag is definitely something you should have along. These items will let you keep your valuables sealed from the elements when jet skiing. There are times when you only have limited storage on your PWC so having at least one dry bag can be quite useful to store some of your jet ski accessories. Dry bags should include essential items such as a small towel, pliers or screwdriver for doing repairs, sunscreen and a flashlight.

5. Sea-Doo Anchors

For those planning to hang out on a cove, go fishing or explore underwater, then an anchor is quite important to have here. Keep in mind that not all types of anchors will fit most of the jet skis today, so you better make sure you have the right one before buying.

There are many different anchors available, depending where you ride and what you want to use it for. Including sand bags, twist anchors, and complete folding anchors. If you are not sure which Anchor is right for you the friendly Experts are more than happy to help you out. Come in store or contact us online today.

6. Sea-Doo Towing Equipment

Finally, you will be able to enjoy Perth’s rivers or beaches even more with some extra fun using the Seadoo towing equipment available today. You can purchase ski poles, ropes and air pumps and tubes to make your experience unique and memorable.

If you’re looking to buy accessories from Sea-Doo for sale in Perth right now, then there’s no better place than to find them at Friday’s Jetskis. Come check out our shop now and see what you can get to have the best riding experience!

Get in touch

Tips When Buying a Second Hand Jet Ski

If you’ve wanted to buy your own jet ski for quite some time now, then you might be in luck today. There are many great models that are fun to drive and are thrilling to use whenever you want a great PWC experience. An affordable option for many aspiring riders would be to get a second hand jet ski. However, there are some essential things to keep in mind when doing so.

Choosing the Right PWC for Your Needs

The jet skis today are classified based on the size of their motor. Having a large and powerful motor will allow riders to travel at a higher speed compared to a smaller one. The size and design of the motor also greatly affects how well it performs. A small and short jet ski is more flexible on the water. The longer and larger ones are less agile but are capable of carrying more individuals. If you have prior knowledge about the different types of these jet skis, then you can make a good decision when choosing to buy a second hand jet ski.

Check for Damage

One of the first things that you should check on the used jet ski is its seats. If its seats are tearing up, this means that the previous owner doesn’t keep it well covered after use. Owners that are too lazy to even put a cover on their craft are most likely too lazy to maintain it regularly too. Check for fibreglass and hull damage too as this can cause problems in the future if not addressed. You should also check for rust around the pump and engine as the effects of this can cause electrical problems when operating.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should avoid buying 2-stroke engine jet skis. The reason for this is because such models are being phased out as they pollute more compared to the 4-stroke modern engines. The parts of the 2-stroke models are also tougher to find as shops are less likely to operate on them.

Check Licensing

It is also important to check if the person you plan to buy the jet ski from has the necessary papers and proof that they actually own the vehicle. Although a stolen, jet ski doesn’t usually happen, it is still imperative that you check to make sure you are getting a legit vehicle from the right owner.

New Jet Ski Vs. Second-Hand

You can also choose just to buy a new jet ski to avoid any problems of making sure that the craft is worthy of its price. Seadoo is now offering the Spark model which is around $7,599 in price and is a great choice for both veterans and beginners. Buying a brand new vehicle will ensure that you get peace of mind knowing that everything is under warranty and new, to begin with.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right jet ski for you, get help from a professional or buy a second hand jet ski from a reputable dealer like Friday’s. We offer a range of brands and sizes that will fit your PWC needs. If we don’t have what you are looking for we offer pre-purchase inspections to ensure you are buying a safe and reliable ski.

Can-Am Side By Sides

The company Can-Am is the motorcycle division of BRP which produces all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles. Their designers were the first ones to equip an ATV back in the 1990s with a TTI rear suspension which provides superior comfort for any condition because of the unique placement of its two independent pivot sections. They are also the company known for providing the first ATV that can seat two individuals.


Can-Am is famous for its innovative off-road vehicles which are meant for fun and practical use on a farm or in the outdoors. Their side by side models are particularly praised by many people around the world, and that is why a Can-Am for sale is a great deal.


Can-Am Defender Family


Can Am defenders

These Side-By-Sides are designed from their very being to steer, stop and perform with the highest confidence and the will to never quit. It has a heavy-duty Rotax engine that is known for its legendary reliability and its ability to thrive on a hard day’s work. The Can-Am Defender is engineered to accomplish anything from farming to ranching to even hunting or just riding out with the family. This model is capable of doing it all.  The Can-Am Defender is engineered to be the hardest working, most productive utility vehicle in the industry.


It offers a leading payload and towing capabilities up to 907 kg or a total carry payload of 680 kg. There are a lot of accessories for you to choose from as well to meet your needs.


Can-Am Commander Family

Can Am Commander

Usually described by experts as the most versatile side-by-side model in the market nowadays, the Commander is made to take on any task that is thrown its way. It is possible to use it for utility, creation and anything else you have in mind. The Commander family of side-by-side models is engineered from its core to excel in any task given to it.

Many people praise its handling and design that is focused on its riders. It is fully equipped with the tools that are needed to take on any terrain and with industry storage solutions; you can make sure that you and your gear are tucked away comfortably in its interior.

Can-Am Maverick Family

Maverick X3 White

If you’re looking for agile side-by-sides today, you can always find the Can-Am Maverick Trail as your best bet. Having a wideness of just 50”, this model is meant to take on every trail system that is out there today. It is known for its precise handling, unmatched comfort and excellent stability that adventurous individuals are going to love.


There is also the Maverick X3 which sees the rocks, dunes and trails in the outdoors as its playground. With a powerful turbocharged engine capable of reaching speeds of 60mph in just 4 seconds, you will surely have fun riding this beast with your buddy. The model is also known for its sport-tuned suspension and lightweight chassis.


Can-Am Side By Sides for Sale in Perth

If you’re interested in buying a side-by-side in Perth right now, you can always check out the range available at our Port Kennedy Showroom or through our website. Visit our website now to see for yourself which model fits right for your needs!

Ride to Rotto Recap

On March 10th, Friday’s Jetskis were granted a unique opportunity for 105 jetski enthusiasts to ride their jetskis over to Rottnest Island, 19km west of Fremantle for the 2018 Ride to Rotto.

The Ride to Rotto event was more than just a chance to jump on a jet ski; it was a chance to raise money and awareness for Motor Neuron Disease WA (MNDWA).

Under the Department of Transport regulations, all jetski’s must normally stay within five nautical miles from the mainland, unless they are within the limits of a port or within one mile of any island.

Especially for this event, Friday’s were granted permission to take the group of jetski enthusiasts all the way across to Rottnest Island – all for a good cause!

What is Motor Neuron Disease?

MNDWA define Motor Neuron Disease as a progressive neurological condition that attacks the motor neurons, more commonly known as nerves. This group of diseases degenerates’ neurons, particularly the ones that control the muscles that enable us to speak, swallow, breathe and move.

The condition affects people differently, with symptoms varying from slurring of speech to stumbling because of weakened leg muscles, and from muscle twitches to throat cramps.

Men, women, and children of all ages can be affected and at this stage, the cause of this degenerative disease is unknown.

More Than Just a Fundraising Event

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm – or in our case, gets their jet ski to Rottnest first! Our 105 riders met up at Woodman Point, and then split into their five groups; the first group set off at 6:30 am and the last group was not too far behind them.

The Ride to Rotto offered up exceptional views of the Indian Ocean and the West Australian coast, which are usually only seen from private boats or ferries making their way to or from the island.

Once the groups arrived at Rottnest, the riders devoured their well-deserved coffee, cake, and view, before they set back off for Woodman Point.

The first group arrived back to the mainland safe (and sore) at 10:30 am, with all the riders back by 11:00 am.

A Foundation Close to Our Hearts

Friday's foundation donation

On top of entry fees, Friday’s hosted raffles and Pot Luck Draws, and sold accessories, burgers and hot dogs to raise as much money as possible.

Thanks to the generous nature of our jetski riders, sponsors and local community, we raised $11,150 for Motor Neuron Disease.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the ride, dug deep and donated, as well as our volunteers who helped on the day.

How Can I Get Involved?

At Friday’s, we aren’t just a jetski dealership; we hold a lot of great events throughout the year that jetski riders from across Perth can get involved with.

  • We have a community monthly jetski ride the first Saturday of each month;
  • We also hold a large charity ride every year on the jetskis – like the Ride to Rotto for MNDWA;
  • We are also currently participating in the buggy racing for the cooler months.

So, what is stopping you from hopping on your jetski, getting involved and having fun at one of our events? Not only can you come to Fridays for a bit of socialising and a lot of fun, you can come to us with all your jet ski service and sales needs! Contact Perth’s ultimate power sports shop, Friday’s Jetski’s, and let us help you to find your perfect SeaDoo jetski today!



Winter Is The Perfect Time For An ATV Or Quad

can-am quad bike

The sun is setting earlier, the days are getting colder and the sun now tends to peak its head out from behind the clouds. Winter is here, and for many, it may mean their jetski is a little neglected for a few months.

But fear not! You don’t have to pack away the power sports all together. Winter and the cooler months present a great opportunity to head out quad biking instead.

Friday’s are a trusted ATV dealer, specialising industry-leading ATV bikes and vehicles.


Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping

We all love the adrenaline rush that comes from riding a jet ski, but it can definitely get too cold to head out on the water. So, at Friday’s, we recommend changing up the terrains and going quad biking instead

Quad biking is the perfect alternative to jetski riding, with a new adventure waiting over every hill and around every turn.

renegade can-am quad bike


Getting off the beaten track to go camping with your mates has never been easier! With a tent strapped to the back of your quad, you can set off on any terrain to find the best campsite.

Generally, there is no fire ban during winter, so you can set up a campfire as well. Check ahead of time on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Emergency Map see if there is a fire ban in your area.

Better Riding Conditions

Just imagine, it’s 35 degrees during summer in Perth and you’re decked out head to toe in protective gear to take off on your quad bike. Your helmet is making your face sweat, your gloves are making your hands clammy and your protective gear feels like it weighs 10kg!

If the thought of that made you uncomfortable, you should stick to jetski’s in summer where you can cool down with a quick dip. Or, stick to riding quad bikes in winter where you can get a little wet and muddy in the puddles! Which brings us to our next point…


…Get Down and Dirty

While summer might be all about keeping your jetski pristine, enjoying the sun and the waves, winter and quad biking is all about getting muddy and having fun.

Tear around the trails on your bike, challenge yourself on different trails and enjoy the different terrain that the West Australian landscape offers!


At Friday’s, we’re here to help you find adventure year-round! Our showroom in Port Kennedy is stocked full of quad bikes and ATVs for sale, just waiting for you to check them out. Visit Friday’s showroom today to find out how we can help you.

Safety Checks for Jet Skiing

safety jetski race

Taking to the water with your jet ski can be exhilarating, and with our summer sunshine and vast coastline, heading out on the jet ski is a great way to spend a summers day. But it is important to remember that without the proper protection, checks and preparation, heading out on your jet ski can also be a potentially dangerous activity!

According to Royal Life Saving, 473 people drowned participating in boating or watercraft activity from 2005/06 to 2014/15, which includes jet skis, canoes, surf boards, paddlecrafts and large boating vessels such as yachts and house boats.

To avoid becoming another statistic, there are some vital checks you should undertake before you take your passengers and jet ski out on the water.

Check the Laws

The WA Department of Transport has set out requirements for jet ski and Personal Water Craft (PWC) users, you can download a copy of the requirements here, or a request a sticker to go on your jet ski via the Department of Transport.

Recreational Skippers Ticket

You are required to have a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) to use a jet ski. This licence is required by anyone who skippers registrable recreational vessel powered by a motor greater than 4.5kwp (6hp), which includes jet skis and other PWCs.

You can apply for an RST through the Department of Transport.

Local Laws

Just like you would check the conditions at your local beach if you wanted to go for a surf, make it a habit to check the details of the lake, river or area you want to take your jet ski, as some councils won’t allow jet ski use in lakes/rivers.

There are also speed restrictions in each area, make sure you check before you leave! According to the Department of Transport, a maximum speed limit of 8 knots applies when navigating:

  • In an 8 knot speed restricted area;
  • Through an arch of a bridge;
  • In or through a mooring area;
  • In any water having a depth of less than 3 metres;
  • Within 15 metres of a vessel underway; and
  • Within 50 metres of a moored vessel, a person in the water, a jetty or wharf, or a river bank or low water mark.


In Western Australia, it is law for all passengers on a jet ski to wear a lifejacket – and there is a good reason why! According to the Royal Life Saving report mentioned above, 92% of the deaths involved victims not wearing a lifejacket.

Within protected waters, or within 400 metres of the shore in unprotected waters, a lifejacket Type 150, 100, or 50/50S must be worn by ALL passengers on board.

Write a List, Check it Twice

This method works for our friend in the North Pole, so writing up a checklist, laminating it, and checking it twice before you head out on the water is a great way to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other water-users.

At the start of summer, after your jet ski has been sitting unused for months, we recommend bringing your craft in for the best Jet Ski Service in Perth. Our team will make sure your jet ski is performing at it’s optimum capacity and that you are ready to hit the water.

After that, you should use the following checklist to keep your jet ski safe.

  • Check the battery. Is it charged? Even if you only plan on going out for a short period of time, you should try to ensure the battery is fully charged.
  • Check your jet ski actually starts! Let the motor run for 30 seconds or so before you hook it up to your trailer and head out.
  • Check you have a full tank of fuel.
  • Check you have enough engine oil.
  • Check to see if your jet ski damaged at all, check the gas line for leaks!
  • Most importantly, check you have your safety lanyard.
  • Extra precautions: carry an emergency position indicating radio beacon, or EPIRB, if you’re planning to head more than two nautical miles off the coast.

Keep yourself and your passengers safe with Friday’s simple tips! For a jet ski service in Perth, or to pick yourself up a new jet ski for summer, contact the team at Friday’s today!